Ketapang Orangutan Project

  • Destination: Indonesia

 Departs: 9th and 20th of every month

 Duration: 12 days/3 weeks

Download full project brochure here

Ketapang is a small town in Kalimantan, in the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo. Close to this town, the charity International Animal Rescue is constructing a rehabilitation and rescue centre for orang-utan. This is obviously no small task, and the Malaysian conservation company Orangutan Project have partnered with them to offer both financial and physical assistance on this important mission. People like you are needed to join this project and help build a future for the rescued orang-utan of West Kalimantan Volunteers must be at least 18 years old to participate, but other than but other than that there are no restrictions. All ages, backgrounds and skill sets are welcome and everyone can be useful, regardless of experience. It is important to note that this is a physically demanding project, with much of the work being labour intensive taking place in 30°C+ heat. It will certainly be challenging, but you can be sure that you are truly making a difference for the future of the orang-utan population here, both already rescued and those still remaining in the wild.

You will be living and working with a group of up to 7 other volunteers and your project facilitator, so a fondness for the human primate will also help!

For full details of this project, the 12 day or 3 week option, please download full details or contact us for more information

Additional Information
Start Date  9th and 20th of every month (12 day or 3 week project)
Duration  12 day and 3 week options are available, or bookings of multiple months
Cost 12 days – £825
3 weeks – £1000
Price Includes All essential food and drink
Airport transfers
Contribution to the project
Price Excludes International flights
Travel insurance
Booking Please note that bookings directly with us means that a significant proportion of the money you pay is a donation to our work here on Borneo, and no ‘admin fee’ is levied. However, we have an administrative team of one, and they are based at Matang Wildlife Centre. So if you do not hear back within 30 minutes, please bear with us – we will always endeavour to respond within 48 hours maximum. For more information please contact [email protected]
Your money 37% of the project cost covers food, accommodation and transportation of you, the volunteer
63% of the project cost is a donation to the orangutan and our work on Borneo


Project Ethos
If it has always been your dream to hold a baby orangutan, this is not the project for you. We are aware that to give rescued orang-utan the best chance of rehabilitation, they need to remain as far removed from people as possible. Having these animals exposed to mass market tourism and countless volunteers only serves to decrease their chance of returning once again to life in the trees. We believe that volunteer projects with a stated mission to help these endangered animals should do just that, and not simply provide photo opportunities for Western visitors. With that in mind, your work on this project will always be contributing to the progression of this centre, and not necessarily tailored towards what the volunteer may most enjoy! In saying that, participants to date have found this project incredibly worthwhile and enjoyable – please contact them via our Facebook group Project Orangutan to hear from them first-hand. Also have a read of our No Contact Policy for more information