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Plush Orangutan
Plush Orangutan

Cuddle an Orang the humane way! These plush toys measure 25cm tall, and the message on the tag reads 'Thank you for supporting Project Orangutan' and includes our website address.

Each toy costs us £4.90, meaning every purchase you make includes a donation of £12.10 to our work with endangered wildlife on Borneo.


Sunbear T-shirt
Sunbear T-shirt
We have always had a huge soft spot for the sun bears.
The sun bear represented on our t-shirt is an individual called Idot, cared for by Gabriella Fredriksson whose sun bear charity can be found at We are making a contribution to Fredriksson’s work with each t-shirt sold, whilst also increasing awareness of the sun bear's plight.

The message on the back reads 'Don't let us disappear without knowing what we are'.

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