Fundraising Businesses

Orangutan Project believes that the key to achieving sustainable and significant funding streams for conservation work is to compete in the commercial, for-profit business world, but offer consumers something different. Orangutan Project has joint ownership of three businesses; two bars and a beach resort. Orangutan Project owns 50% of each business and 100% of our profits go directly back to our animal welfare and conservation work.  The reality is that as consumers, the majority of us are unlikely to change our habits readily or quickly and though we may want to make more ethical choices we often find it hard to do so. Our businesses are offering a solution to this – you do not need to make any changes to your regular routine to make a meaningful contribution to conservation. Most people, given the choice between buying a normal beer and buying a beer that will give some money to help wildlife, will choose the latter.  Our businesses provide ongoing and sustainable funding solutions. Orangutan Project uses our share of the profits to implement our own conservation and welfare work as well as donating funds to other animal welfare and conservation groups on Borneo. Our businesses also provide local employment opportunities and a platform for education; reaching the local and international community living in Kuching, travellers, tourists and volunteers alike. We are passionate conservationists and we strive to spread the word about the plight of wildlife and offer a tangible way for people to help. We feel that volunteering with us is a great opportunity for tourists who are travelling the world and want to do some good for the planet at the same time.   If this concept appeals to you and you would like to volunteer at one of our businesses check out our MonkeeBar, Bear Garden and Basaga Holiday Resort Lundu pages to see which business is the right fit for you 🙂