Basaga Holiday Resort Lundu

Basaga Holiday Resort Lundu

Like our other businesses this venture is a business partnership in which Orangutan Project owns 50% of the business and where 100% profit gained by us goes directly back to our animal welfare and conservation work. 

The chosen location for this resort is idyllic, and the views of the beach resemble a stereotypical tropical island get-away. It is an area that Western tourism has yet to find so there is nothing ‘mass market’ about it. The beach is private, shared by just 3 resorts – one of these is almost never used, the other is sometimes busy with local tourists. The closest town of Lundu is a 10 minute drive away, and is a small, traditional Sarawakian town. Lundu is about an hour and a half from Kuching.

In 2015 we started demolishing the abandoned and delapodated buildings on the site and we set about building an entirely new resort. The initial demolishion and laying of foundations was undertaken by dedicated volunteers. We then employed local contractors to complete the build. The resort opened for guests in 2017.

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Whilst all our businesses employ a significant number of local people we also have opportunities for international volunteers as well. We believe that hosting volunteers is an effective way to engage with the international community. Volunteers learn about animal welfare and conservation issues and make a positive and unique contribution to the wildlife of Borneo.

There is no cost to volunteering at Basaga Holiday Resort Lundu; volunteers receive accommodation in exchange for their time. We are able to host volunteers for anywhere from three weeks to three months. Whilst volunteering at the resort does not involve working around wildlife Lundu is an excellent vantage point from which to visit many beautiful national parks which are teeming with wildlife. Volunteers are free to explore Lundu and surrounds on their days off. Gunung Gading National park which boasts a healthy population of Rafflesia, the worlds largest flower is just a 5 minute drive away and wildlife such as various species of monkeys and birds are often spotted in the trees around the resort itself. 

If you are interested in volunteering at Basaga Holiday Resort Lundu please feel free to contact us for more infomration.