In 2013, we invested with a local partner in renovating and opening a bar in the city centre of Kuching. Christmas 2013 saw Monkeebar’s opening night. Monkeebar is the first of its kind in Malaysia. It’s a bar, which is not unique, though it does serve some of the cheapest beer in town. What’s special about Monkeebar is that 100% of Orangutan Projects’ share of the profits (50% of the total profits) goes toward our conservation and animal welfare work. For any donations made or merchandise bought, 100% of this profit is a donation to wildlife. Since opening Monkeebar has gone from strength to strength, and from its profits we have been able to make donations to almost all the other orangutan centres on Borneo, both the sun bear centres, the local SSPCA and also fund the post-monitoring animal release team at Matang and all the associated equipment.

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Whilst all our businesses employ a significant number of local people we also have opportunities for international volunteers as well. We believe that hosting volunteers is an effective way to engage with the international community. Volunteers learn about animal welfare and conservation issues and make a positive and unique contribution to the wildlife of Borneo.

There is no cost to volunteering at MonkeeBar; volunteers receive accommodation in exchange for their time. We are able to host volunteers for anywhere from two weeks to three months. Whilst volunteering at MonkeeBar does not involve working around wildlife Kuching is an excellent vantage point from which to visit many beautiful national parks which are teeming with wildlife. Volunteers are free to explore Kuching and surrounds on their days off.

If you are interested in volunteering at MonkeeBar please feel free to contact us.