We are now able to collect donations from the public to help fund our work in Borneo.

Our registered UK-based charity ‘Project Borneo Ltd’ will never know the meaning of ‘admin fees’ – we guarantee that any cash you contribute to us will be spent entirely on the animals we help care for and our wider conservation work in Borneo.

Help fund our work in Borneo

Enter your donation amount below. You can set this to be a one-off or recurring payment when you pay via PayPal.


Other payment methods

You can also set up a direct debit with your internet banking to deposit cash straight into our UK bank account. The details are:

Lloyds TSB (Taunton branch)
Sort code: 776805
Account number: 02861068

Project Borneo Ltd particulars

Project Borneo Ltd was created when we selected three new trustees to take over an existing small charity that had decided to close its doors.

Registered charity number: 1136449


Graham Beckerson – father of our general manager

Cath Willers – serial volunteer at Matang Wildlife Centre

Lyn Pendle – past volunteer of Matang and persistent fundraiser and educator for the orangutan