Orangutan Project Sdn Bhd is a conservation company offering alternative solutions and sustainable funding opportunities for the endangered wildlife on Borneo. We also specialise in ethical volunteering and tourism experiences working with the magnificent orangutan and other protected species such as the clouded leopard, binturong, sun bear and false gharial, among others.

Tourism and volunteering in developing countries with endangered wildlife is littered with ethical problems and exploitative practices, though is attracting participants that are seeking a meaningful experience where they are able to help animals. We have chosen to focus on developing tourism and volunteering projects as one of our facets, not only for the significant revenue we can generate for conservation but also to create a standard of ethical tourism that we hope to see become the norm across the tourism market.


We are based on Borneo, predominantly in Matang Wildlife Centre which is close to Kuching in Sarawak, Malaysia. However we also spend a significant amount of time in Ketapang, which is in Kalimantan, the Indonesia part of Borneo. Orangutan Project is a Malaysian company created by Leo Biddle, though owned by our local staff.

All of our Western staff are volunteers in the truest sense of the word. They receive no salaries or benefits, though will generally have living expenses met. One of our goals is to maximise employment of local staff, and we do not wish for foreign staff to occupy positions and take salaries that can be given to local people. Our Western staff are incredibly dedicated individuals who care passionately about trying to make the lives of animals better. They ask for nothing in return for this and we believe this is what it takes to truly make a difference – a disregard of the materialistic and consumerist Western culture and willingness to simply do a job that desperately needs doing, for no real recognition and no financial remuneration.

Anybody can help the cause of endangered animals – the truth is most people want some level of recognition or reward for doing so. Our Western team is simply willing to help, and to do whatever is necessary for progression of our projects. They are making sacrifices every day to be on Borneo fulfilling these roles, and they are making a difference.


Cuddle an Orang the ethical way!

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  • "...The whole experience was amazing, the keepers were  so friendly and taught us so much about the animals... It was one of the best experiences of my life and would do it again."
    Erika, UK
  • "You will be surprised by how much you are capable of and you will inspire your friends back home to follow their dreams too".
    Carlene, NZ
  • "Going on the 2 week volunteer trip to the Matang Wildlife Centre will remain one of my top 5 life experiences".
    Tessa, AU
  • In the past 2 weeks I've done more than I ever thought possible. I've helped with enrichment and husbandry at Matang Wildlife Centre with orangutans, sun bears, gibbons and many others. Seen flying lemers glide, wild pigs run on the beach, sunsets like no other, been bitten by a leech, mixed cement by hand, carried wheel barrow after wheel barrow and shovelled so much s*?it I'm considering adding it to skills on my c.v. I've learnt so much and it's been a truly life changing experience and to top it off I've met some amazing people! I'll be back Borneo! Volunteered April 2016
    Jade Galley
  • I've been every year since 2009 and will continue to visit every year until I become too old and doddery to get on a plane. The most life changing experiences of my life!!

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Today is World Orangutan Day!
Unfortunately both Bornean and Sumatran orangutans have been classified as critically endangered. Like so many other species they are in very real danger of extinction as a direct result of our actions. But its not too late to turn that around!

This world orangutan day why not make a pledge to our red-haired cousins that we will change our behaviour. Meaningful behavioural change will have a positive effect on the health of our planet and hence wildlife.

Our societies are plagued by the vicious cycle of rampant consumerism and a 'throw away' culture. Boycotting one ingredient for instance will not help our planet if we still want to consume everything at the same rate, another ingredient with its own environmental costs will simply replace the first. We must instead curb our rampant consumerism or our wilderness areas will continue to vanish and our wildlife will suffer.

This world orangutan day why not choose something that is achievable for you, anything is a good start; you could reduce your meat consumption or go vegan, stop using disposable plastics, buy second hand clothing, buy second hand electronics, buy second hand or refurbished furniture and/ or get political and lobby your governments to ensure that they make environmentally friendly choices. All of us have an impact on the planet, none of us are perfect but now is the time to stop throwing up our hands and making conservation someone else's problem, we all have to be part of the solution.

Isn't little Ronnie just lovely. This #enrichment was first designed for the #gibbons by Kerrie and it was an absolute hit with Ronnie! He seemed to really enjoy himself even if it was a bit of a challenge to get all his lychees out of that pesky bottle! ...

Tingsan being her lovely goofy self. Thanks to #volunteer Chris Carr for the photo :) ...